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    SoilWaterCrystal™ - Most Powerful Water Retaining Agent

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    SoilWaterCrystal™ - Most Powerful Water Retaining Agent

     Meet SoilWaterCrystal™ - water retaining agent! With global warming, hotter summers and more drought everywhere this product is a game-changer for agriculture, forestry, orchards, gardens, flowers, vegetables & lawns!

    SoilWaterCrystal™ is a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). SAPs can hold 100's times their weight in water. SoilWaterCrystal™ can retain water up to 600% its weight and release it when the plant needs it.

    This tiny eco-friendly crystal acts like a mini reservoir at the roots of your plants when the soil gets dry.

    With a long-lasting life span of 5+ years you will save a lot of money in utility bills by saving up to 50% in water usage!



    What's more? SoilWaterCrystal™ helps retain fertilizer longer (65%+) along with water instead of letting it run down past the roots (or the seed) into the ground below! This allows the plant to keep hydrated and nourished for longer period of times with an actual reservoir of moisture filled with rich nutrients at her roots!

    SoilWaterCrystal™ offers more benefits too!

    Usage recommandation:

    • 5g (0.18oz) or 1 tbsp per 1kg/3L (2.2lbs/1 gallon) of mix soil.
    • 1kg (2.2 lbs)  per 1m3  (35ft3) of mix soil.
    SoilWaterCrystal™ comes in 5 sizes:
    • 1kg / 2.2 lbs    (35% OFF)
    • 2kg / 4.4 lbs   (58% OFF)
    • 3kg / 6.6 lbs   (most popular pack - 67% OFF)
    • 5kg / 11 lbs      (most valuable pack - 72% OFF)
    • 10kg / 22 lbs   (most valuable pack - 77% OFF)

    We also have 15kg / 33lbs and 20kg / 44lbs available, please contact us if interested.

      We have tested and compared several water retaining agent brands before coming to this one. We found out that SoilWaterCrystal™ is the most potent and effective water retaining crystal amongst all the brands available. The reason is that this Super Absorbent Polymer is not made of Sodium or Potassium Polyacrylate as main ingredient like most other SAPs where their form after absorbing water turns filamentous and sticky. When Sodium or Potassium based SAPs are watered, they make the soil like a sticky layer on the surface that will melt and decay into the soil after several rainfalls and will no longer retain water. It is cheaper but a waste for money in the long term.

      The main raw material of SoilWaterCrystal™ SAP is acrylic acid. Its form after absorbing water is not only massive but its characteristics are similar to a sponge and can easily absorb and release water hundreds of times without losing its absorption-release power; during drought it will release water and nourish your soil and crops, if you live in a climate with rainy season it will absorb excess rainwater and play a role in locking water in the soil. This capacity will last from minimum 2 years up to 5 years depending on the climate you live in and the soil structure under your land.

      SoilWaterCrystal™ is a professional brand and doesn’t sell retail. You will not find this product anywhere else. Trendy Smart Buy has an exclusive partnership with SoilWaterCrystal™ allowing us to offer you this unique brand in smaller quantities. 

      Should you have a request for higher volumes, reach out to us we will be happy to give you an extra discount.





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