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    Fruit Picker Head Basket

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    Fruit Picker Head Basket

    🍎🧺 Hello, fruit lovers! Have you ever struggled to reach those delicious, tempting fruits in the tops of your trees?🍏✨

    Well, worry no more! Introducing the revolutionary Fruit Picker Head Basket, the ultimate tool to harvest your favorite fruits with ease. But here's a question for you: have you ever dreamed of effortlessly picking the juiciest apples, peaches or pears right in your own backyard? Get ready to make that dream a reality with our Fruit Picker Head Basket. Let's discover together how this ingenious invention can turn your fruit picking adventures into a fruity delight!

    Harvest like a pro - with the Fruit Picker Basket!

    Never climb trees again!
    Tired of climbing trees and picking fruit yourself?

    The Fruit Picker Head Basket is a lightweight, practical and labor-saving tool. It allows you to harvest most types of fruit from trees, as well as those growing on vines or weeds in your garden, without having to climb up yourself!

    The basket has teeth so you can easily cut the fruit into manageable sizes before gathering them all together in the bag.

    With this product you will never have to climb a tree again! You won't have to worry about getting dirty, scratched by branches, or getting your hands dirty with sticky sap. This product makes life easier and more enjoyable for anyone who wants to harvest their fruit effortlessly!

    Lightweight and portable for everyday use

    The Fruit Picker comes with a replaceable bag that allows you to pick pesky fruit without getting dirty or bruised.

    The metal prongs cut through the stems without damaging the fruit, and the nylon cotton bag catches your harvest!

    Easy to use

    Attach the fruit picker to an extension pole and use the teeth of the ring to cut the fruit and catch it in the fruit picker bag. Pick fruit without having to climb a ladder, without damaging fruit or trees.

    Easy fruit picking

    With the fruit picker without climbing a ladder, no damage to fruit or trees. Suitable for picking oranges, pears, papaya, persimmon, nuts, mangoes, etc.

    Portable and replaceable bag

    Loopers with interchangeable bag, like a fishing net, convenient to drop the harvested fruit into. Lightweight and portable, easy to pick fruit from the ground without muscle effort.


    Metal tines and nylon cotton bag, which is well made to cut stems without squeezing your fruits. Harvested fruits are more safe.

    Materials: iron and cloth
    Size: diameter: 14cm, depth of the bag: 20cm.

    Extension rod not included.



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