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    Shinyne™ Natural Crystal Moisturizing lush lip Gloss

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    Shinyne™ Natural Crystal Moisturizing lush lip Gloss

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    Are you craving plump and glamorous lips?💋 Shinyne™ Natural Crystal Moisturizing lush lip Gloss provides your need without needles, our system is day and night lip beauty and care.

    Let's see the customers who gave 5-star reviews to this Lips Gloss how to say here!

    “I’ve been wanting to get this product after seeing it go viral but I held off on buying it. I finally bought it and I can say it does work! It makes the lips look plumper and more shiny. There’s no need to apply anything over or under this. It makes a noticeable difference and my lips still look plump after wiping it off. This is definitely my favorite lip plumper!”—Jessie Clifford, 28, Brooklyn, New York


    “When I received these, they looked adorable! But I thought this isn't going to work. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only are they moisturizing, but they also are compact and they keep your lips even when wearing lipstick looking great! The plumping effect is noticeable, but it's more of a pouty look than a bee sting look which is what I want - natural! The product is amazing and on top of that, it isn't greasy and has no weird taste! Better than I expected and will purchase again!”—Hannah Thomas, 30, Germany



    The feeling of dry lips is quite uncomfortable, but it gets worse when other symptoms such as cracks, peeling, and pain happen. Factors influencing drying and cracking of the lips are a lot. The following are the main triggers of lip dryness that will help you to clarify your doubts.

    1. Body Dehydration
    2. Licking Lips
    3. Lack of Protection
    4. Irritants:
    5. Allergies
    6. Breathing Through Mouth
    7. Medications


    1. Ginger Root Oil
    2. Beeswax
    3. Vitamin E
    4. Mint
    5. Natural crystal

    Ginger plays an important role and is necessary for peeling lips effectively, contributing to getting rid of dead skin cells, thereby enhancing the view of the lips and making them look more vibrant and attractive.

    Beeswax is a natural compound secreted by female bees that are often used in cosmetics, particularly lip balm. This substance is very moisturizing, can help protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun, and has a pleasant smell. It can also help prevent infections and cold sores.

    Vitamin E moisturizes and softens lips that are very delicate and susceptible to drying out because they don't contain oil glands and don't have natural moisturizing capabilities.

    Let's See How Ashley Miller'S Completely Gets Rid Of Her Stubborn Dry Lips:

    I'm a chronic skin picker, and that includes my lips. Coupled with the fact that I've had chronic dry lips since I can remember, you've got a recipe for disaster with me. I would pick the dry skin off my lips every single day, usually resulting in a bloody mess, and then be forced to add many many layers of various Chapsticks (aquaphor, Vaseline, carmex, etc) to "fix" them. But my lips would always dry right back up the next day. Rinse, repeat, for years and years.I'd used every product under the sun to try to fix my lips... I just couldn't understand why my lips weren't always moist like everyone else's?? (And YES I drink a lot of water!)But THEN I heard about this-Shinyne™. I was skeptical, naturally, since nothing else had ever worked for me, why would this be different? But god damn, it is. It gives me the moist lips of my dreams without having to reapply it every 5 minutes.It's truly my miracle product and I will never ever buy anything else.

    Ashley Miller-48-Chula Vista, Austria

    Unique features of the Shinyne™ Natural Crystal Moisturizing lush lip Gloss:

    • Perfect for daytime and nighttime use
    • Soothe and repair dry, peeling, and chapped lips.
    • It gives a volumizing effect while nourishing and hydrating the lips
    • Repair cracked lips by giving a rush of minty freshness
    • Keeps your lips amply moisturized, making them soft and supple
    • Contains only safe and natural ingredients
    • It delivers a soothing effect to wind-chapped or sun-burnt lips
    • Effective solution to lip infection problems
    • It is safe for all ages

    STEP 1

    Cleanse face and pat dry.

    STEP 2

    Using applicator tip, apply The Shinyne™ Natural Crystal Moisturizing lush lip Gloss to lips as needed throughout the day.

    For AM + PM use.

    • Use throughout the day as desired.
    • Apply to lips as needed.
    • Avoid direct eye contact.

    Product Specifications:

    • Net weight: 6G/0.21OZ
    • Size: 19mm wide * 86mm long
    • Shelf life: 3 years
    • Main ingredients: Ginger Extract, Beeswax, Mint, Vitamin E
    • Six crystal colors for choose

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Shinyne™ Natural Crystal Moisturizing lush lip Gloss



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