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    HydroLeash: The Ultimate Water Bowl Dog Leash for Active Pups

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    HydroLeash: The Ultimate Water Bowl Dog Leash for Active Pups

    Tired of lugging around a separate water bowl for your furry friend on walks?

    Water bowl dog leash is the perfect solution to simplify the walks with your dog. You no longer have to juggle different items during your walks.

    With this innovative leash, you'll always have all your important accessories at hand. Never again will you realize halfway through your walk that you forgot waste bags or water for your furry friend. Designed to enhance your walking experience, our multifunctional dog leash offers unmatched convenience every step of the way.
    Durable materials.
    Can also be used as a bowl or dispenser.
    Promotes good hydration.
    Great for the environment and keeps the area clean.
    Multifunctional and portable.

    Nylon Leash - Made of double nylon and a solid steel safety clasp that can handle anything life throws at it.
    Collapsible Bowl - A collapsible water bowl with a capacity of 250ml can be attached to the side of the unit.
    Waste bag compartment - The waste bag dispenser ensures you always have waste bags on hand for easy collection.
    Water Reservoir - A conveniently stored water bottle with drip-proof lid holds 350ml.
    Ergonomic Design - The 24x7 Leash is made of high quality materials and designed for easy handling.
    How to use:
    1. Attach the leash to your dog - To use the leash, attach the steel safety clasp to your dog's collar and hang onto the handle of the leash, which is connected to the built-in water dispenser.
    2. Offer your dog something to drink when needed - Pull the built-in water bowl off one side of the leash and fill it with water from the built-in dispenser. Place the bowl on the ground somewhere near your dog so he can drink, then reattach it to the leash.
    3. Scoop Waste - When your dog needs to go to the bathroom, take a waste bag from the built-in bag dispenser located on one side of the leash near the handle. Scoop your dog's waste into the bag using a utensil of your choice (you must carry this separately), then hang the bag from the leash's integrated hook.
    Color: Red, Black, Blue
    Material: ABS+PP+TPR+fabric tape
    Size: 23*17*5.2cm/9.06*6.69*2.05 inches
    Leash length: 1200cm



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