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    FlyAway™ Table Top Insects Repellent Fan

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    FlyAway™ Table Top Insects Repellent Fan

    Keeps insects away from your dining table and picnic blanket! Perfect for outdoor or indoor cooking/eating area, picnic, barbecue.

    Flies, bees and other insects are not just annoying they can also carry pathogens and contaminate your food! 


    FlyAway keeps flies and other insects away from your food & drinks on your table, barbecue countertop, or picnic blankets! Soft blades feature holographic marks that distract any insects coming too close. No more nasty gnats landing on your food and attempting to eat your delicious treats! 🥓🦟😤

    FlyAway features soft, safe propeller blades for easy access to food while it’s in operation - simply interrupt the blades with your hand and they’ll start up again once you remove it. Using unique holographic repel reflective dots that create movement that flies hate. 🦟😨

    FlyAway™ doesn't harm and is safe for kids. 🧒❤️

    FlyAway is a new technology that keeps flies off your food, it’s 100% chemical-free and guaranteed to work! Can be used in a multitude of dining and food preparation situations. Powered by 2 AA batteries - long-life, simple, easy. No noise fan.


    Dots refract/bend light which scares insects. Bending light is not a part of their DNA. Bending colored lights are not normal in nature and it appears dangerous to insects. They will always choose to land somewhere else.

    This repellent comes with soft and flexible blades that detect your hand approaching and stop spinning! This means when you're ready to load up your plate - the fan won't get in the way.

    It can be used for camping, picnics, BBQ, family cook outs, in-home, and outdoor.


    Enjoy your delicious meals without worrying about a fly getting in the way!

    FlyAway is not sold in stores.


    Colour: Black
    Material: ABS
    Size: About 11in x 3.9in / 28cm x 10cm
    Technology: uses refraction blades that refract or bend light as blades rotate.
    Safety: made with soft blades that come to a stop if something touches them and avoid harm (children friendly)
    Air: constant velocity of the table fly fan keeps the air clear. No noise
    Battery: requires AA batteries (not provided).



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