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    Bath Buddies™

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    Bath Buddies™

    Make bath time the most fun for your child!

    These cute sea turtles are a great way to distract your child's attention and get them to finally enjoy the water. Whether you bathe your child or let them swim, let them splash around with their new friends!

    Just pick up the little turtle, put it in the water, and it will swim! 


    Promotes cognitive development

    The three different colors teach your child to perceive colors while bathing, helping them develop without even realizing it.

    In addition, it also helps children develop their hand-eye coordination, dexterity and motor skills.

    Why our customers are fans of Bath Buddies™.

    ✓ It's not just a bath toy: Bath Buddies™ can become your child's best friend, and they can be taken everywhere!

    ✓ The perfect distraction: the best way to distract your child's attention and get them to enjoy the water!

    ✓ Encourages development: helps children understand the buoyancy of their toys and develop their coordination and movements underwater!

    ✓ Works without batteries : You do not need any battery or batteries to turn it on.

    Many ways to play

    In addition to being able to play with the turtles in the bathtub or swimming in the pool, you can also take them to the beach or play with them indoors!

    This way, you'll make sure your child can play with Bath Buddies™ anywhere, making bath time the most fun.


    Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 5.5 cm (9 x 8 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm)

    Recommended age: 5 months and older

    Works without batteries

    Package contains.

    3x, 6x or 12x Bath Buddies™.

    Bath Buddies™ are not sold in stores, so take advantage of the offer today while supplies last and while supplies last. 

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    The product is of high quality;

    Safe material and water-based dye;

    Free of chemicals;



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