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    Auto Solar Ventilating Fan for Car

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    Auto Solar Ventilating Fan for Car

    Tired of getting into a stuffy car on a hot summer day?
    Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinex™ – Trending Point

    Imagine having a solar fan that keeps your car cool, fresh and comfortable without relying on batteries or electricity. Plus, for a limited time, you get an incredible 50% discount. Can you imagine the comfort and relief this solar fan could bring to your daily commute?

    Beat the heat: Our solar fan keeps your car cool even when you park it in the blazing sun. It uses the power of sunlight to circulate fresh air inside your vehicle, lowering the temperature and preventing clogging.

    Solar powered and eco-friendly: With our fan, you no longer need to worry about batteries or electricity. It is solar powered, making it environmentally friendly and cost effective. Choose sustainable cooling solutions for your car.

    Improved Air Quality: The fan's recirculation system helps remove stale air, odors and pollutants from your car's interior. Enjoy a breath of fresh air as the fan continuously blows in fresh outside air, creating a healthier and more comfortable driving environment.

    Easy installation and universal fit: Our fan is designed to be easily installed on most car windows. It is lightweight, compact and fits securely on the window frame, so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air without complicated installation.


    Improved car longevity: Excessive heat can damage your car's interior components, including the dashboard, seats and electronic devices. By keeping your car cool with our fan, you can extend the life of these elements and maintain the overall condition of your vehicle.


    Material: ABS
    Number of fans: 3
    Speed: about 5000 rpm
    Solar panel voltage: 5.5V
    Solar panel power: 2.5W
    Solar location: outside the car window
    Line length: about 1.6 meters/5.2 ft
    Weight: about 820g
    Size: about 240x65x130mm/9.4x2.5x5.1inch

    Say goodbye to unbearable heat and congestion in your car and look forward to a cool and refreshing driving experience. Don't miss our incredible 50% discount - it's the perfect time to invest in the comfort and convenience of our solar fan for your car.

    Upgrade your car with a product that beats the heat, runs on solar power, improves air quality, is easy to install, and increases the longevity of your vehicle. Enjoy the benefits of a cool and fresh driving environment, regardless of the temperature outside.




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