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    Aloe Vera Lipstick

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    Aloe Vera Lipstick
    If you are looking for a lipstick that will bring you hydration, deep softness and younger lips, your solution is Lipstick One Moisturizing Aloe Vera!
    One Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lipstick has been carefully formulated with superior quality organic aloe vera . It provides prolonged hydration to the lips, leaving them soft and healthy.

    This product also contributes to the prevention of anti-aging lips by protecting skin cells against free radicals. Plus, our unique formula is 100% lead free , making our lipstick safe to use daily!

    The lipstick gives your lips a pink or reddish-pink color and keeps them soft and moist due to the benefits of  ALOE VERA . 
    ALOE VERA lipstick   changes color when it detects a change in temperature on the lips. 

    Lipstick is an excellent choice to  moisturize and protect your lips , the color will change according to your body chemistry . It can also be used as  a lip balm. 

    The function of aloe vera makes the lips well hydrated and moist, it also removes all the bacteria , leaving your mouth beautiful and well cared for and looking younger.

    Product Features:

    1. Prolonged hydration;
    2. Deep softness;
    3. More firmness;
    4. High pigmentation;
    5. Satin finish;
    6. Fill in lines/creases;
    7. Instantly younger looking lips;
    8. Gives volume;
    9. Contains hyaluronic acid;
    10. Waterproof and long-lasting color;
    11. Does not contain lead;
    12. Natural product made from aloe vera;
    Product composition:

    The main moisturizing ingredients of this product are tocopherol, lecithin, castor oil and other 5 ingredients, and the antioxidant ingredients are tocopherol, lecithin, curacao aloe vera leaf extract and other 4 ingredients, the active ingredients are 9 ingredients including ascorbyl palmitate, shea butter and avocado oil, the brightening ingredient is ascorbyl palmitate, and the calming ingredient is sweet almond oil.
    We at the  Vapor One store  are concerned about always bringing the  best products  made from  aloe vera and natural plants.

    For you, our client, you are always using a quality product that  will not cause any harm to your health, you always have hydrated lips and a younger appearance spending little.

    We work with the best manufacturers, to facilitate access to the best raw materials and the best natural products.
    All of our products  are not tested on animals , and  do not contain lead  or  parabens .

    Have beautiful lips and be well taken care of with our products!



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